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Laser Maintenance Contracts and more

Cutera Titan

Contracts available:

Preventative Maintenance : A PM contract is designed to keep your laser operating at peak performance. Every six months we check and adjust your laser and replace or clean all filters as required. Any repairs will be discussed and an authorization is required prior to making any repairs.

1st Tier : First tier maintenance includes the PM contract plus all labor and travel for three emergency repairs during a calendar year. Parts are not included in this contract and are charged at retail prices.

2nd Tier : Second Tier maintenance includes all PM and Tier 1 maintenace but is not limited to the three emergency calls per year. Parts are discounted at 10%.

3rd Tier : Third Tier maintenance is PM and Tier 2 plus all parts are at a 'shared responsibility', which means that both LaserTeks and the client share equally in the retail cost of the parts. A 50/50 split.

Custom : We also offer a custom offerings to those clients that need that something different. You will find that our flexibility is well worth the cost and convenience. Let's design a custom program designed to fit your business model.